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PL Rules as of 1/30/07*

Thread Content: Have some. It doesn’t have to be great but it has to be something. "Something" does not include asking why a thread was locked or why you got a warning. If you have a personal problem solve it privately via PM.

Flooding: Do not post the same content in multiple threads, do not start multiple threads about the same topic, do not bump multiple old threads, etc. Mods will be making an effort to lock/delete reposts, and to contain similar subject matters in one thread, so don't take it personally if your thread gets merged or deleted.

Warnings/Locking/Moderation: All decisions made by a Moderator in the PL are private matters; they are not open for public debate or ridicule. If you have an issue you can address it via PM with the Moderator in question (NOT any other Mods). This includes:

Posting your warnings in the PL - you have been told what the issue was, it’s not a public issue and it will deleted immediately and are subject to warnings.

Backseat Moderating - The moderators know what the rules are. There is no reason for you to post your interpretation of the rules. Don't do it.

Backtalk/Sass - You hate the mods and they are nazis, they deleted your posts because they are on a power trip....we all know. Take it to PM.

Misuse of the Report Button - The report button is a tool, not a toy. Don't be a tool.

Thread Titles and Signatures: Swear words are not permitted in thread titles or signatures, and will be edited. This is a warn-able offense. It's not that we don't fucking like the word "Ass," but we don't want that shit plastered across the God-Damn screen. Scrolling through threads in the PL should not be NWS (see below). And signatures show up on every post you make, in On-Topic Forums, so swear words won't be tolerated.

iTrader Is in place to offer protection to site buyers. It's not for you to play with. Don't.

NWS Material: Anything even remotely questionable and not to be opened at work needs to be labeled as "NWS" (Not Work Safe). Material that you wouldn't want your boss/mother to see on the screen. This includes subject matter - if you want to talk about the weird sex you got last night, label the thread appropriately.

NWS Material (continued): Penetration of any kind is not to be posted ANYWHERE. EVER.

Moderator Impartiality: The Moderators do not moderate based on poster, they do so based on content. Every effort will be made to treat each member in similar fashion. Moderators also will be working together to offer balance and impartiality. That said, every Moderator is different and every action will vary accordingly. Not all judges make the same ruling on the same subject; the same concept applies here.


Please apply common sense to ALL these rules.

Just because someone else got away with something against the rules in the distant past, or even 5 minutes ago, that does not make it acceptable. Chance are the Moderators did not see what you saw.

Do not expect 'similar treatment' to the person who made a simple infraction when you break the same rule 15 times in 15 minutes.

Do not knowingly test the boundaries of these posted rules just to do so, if you have a question, PM someone, we will be happy to answer your questions or find an answer for you.

*PL Rules subject to change/edits/evolvement
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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