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OT: saw a disguised E46 M3 today...

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I haven't checked the boards in a while, but anyway, I'll get straight to the details:

Tape was covering the side molding and a part of the front corner panels (where those vent-looking things are).

Front rims were the M3 rims that we've all seen in published pics. The rears were something different.

The trunk had no badges except for the BMW emblem. It was a white 3-series coupe. There were QUAD exhaust tips, which gives me reason to believe that it was the real deal, but in disguised.

I saw the car going west on Santa Monica Blvd at around 9:10 am while I was waiting for the bus to go to class.

I didn't hear any exhaust note...either the driver wasn't pushing the car aggressively or the exhaust was intentionally muted for disguise.

That's about it.
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hmm, I think California is the best place to spot nice cars. I just saw my first Z8 yesterday on the 73 toll road. Not as nice as I thought it is, but then again I was never into the design. I still think the best two cars I've seen around here is the McLaren F1 and the Skyline R33 GTR.
Surprised they went to the trouble of disguising it since the new issue of Automobile has it on the front cover.
I saw the e46 M3 too, but it was long time ago. Heading for the mountain road near my house.
tsi was very likely a real test siting. if it was white jon shafer(general manager at cutter bmw) saw the same car in samo. the m3 has been sited several times and i believe the back rims were 540 rims. you're lucky =)
hey guys,
Saw a silver disguised M3 on the 10 freeway in Santa Monica this week. I coasted by him in my IS and pulled my windows down to hear the car. It sounds amaaaaazing.

Unmistakable M front grill very similar to M5 and twin set of exhaust in the back. That is a hot car!
A little while ago, my friend saw 2 disguised m3's and an m5... he kept revvin em in his 350hp prelude, but they just kept drivin.. heh heh...
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