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OT: Excellent editorial from Edmunds, "Top 5 Cars that Leav

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Read this excellent editorial from Edmunds, Top 5 Cars that Leave You Cold. Note that all five of these "hot" cars are American-built - once again proving that nobody builds junk cars like the good ole' USofA? Perhaps the reason we continue to build junks is the vast majority of the American public fail to grasp what real quality is all about. ..... i.e., "to heck with quality as long as it looks cool"
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I haven't driven - or had a ride in, for that matter - all these cars listed but I disagree with only one. The Viper. Nope, not a 'sports car' in the true sense, I guess - although it won class at LeMans, again - but I think it's SUPPOSED to be a bit cold, stark and brutish. I mean, line up pretty much any other car with it anywhere (Laguna Seca for one place) and see which one get's the most attention. For driving on a regular basis, however, I would take the NSX I 'spose...
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