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After tons of searching, several postings, and hours of contemplating, I ordered a 12" IDMAX subwoofer and an MTX amp. I know the amp is not great but money had to be saved somewhere for now. I am making the Sealed box myself at 1.4cu + displacement, out of 1.5" MDF.

Do you think that I could mount the amp and the cap on the back of the box to save room in the trunk??? Will it rattle and ruin the equipment? Do I need Dynamat/Brown Bread?

Thank you to everyone who responded to me and to those who answer all of our many questions. Pics to come soon hopefully by Sunday.

02 onyx - Vis Dual Vented Carbon Fiber Hood - G2 Red Calipers - JSP "The CF Blade" - Omega Max 2 Way Alarm/Starter- Tint - Clear
side markers -XM Roady with AUX mod - 12"IDMAX on the way...
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