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Hey all, long time reader here, but first time poster. Guess I was just always too lazy to go through the registration process.

Anyways, I was wondering what you people who have driven one think of the general gripes we all have about the car. I've been very interested in this car since I rode in an IS200 in Hong Kong that a relative of mine owns. Very very nice.

Main thing I'm thinking about is if it's worth it to wait a bit for all the amenities to come out... All aluminum engine, mirrors, maybe improvements in weight, etc. For those of you who have driven it, can you feel the weight being a problem? Is the 54/46 distribution any bad? How is the rumored understeer?

I'm also curious about a few less driving related things... Like is the plastic okay? I read in a lot of places that it is total crap. Is the sound system adequate? I'm a big music listener but haven't been into car audio until recently... is it worth it to just upgrade all the speakers and do everything custom, or would it be enough to add just an amp and a sub or something?

Sorry for the long post, hoping to get opinions from everyone who has driven one.


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I am an owner of an IS200 since last October.
I notice the following
The stereo is not up to my taste. The low frequencies are not very tide and clear. I have heard a lot better systems.
The plastic and specialy the ones on the facia are of lower quality. The same is true
for the knobs at the left side of the stearing whell.
The good things are
a)the engine that is very smooth even though it lucks power under the 3000 rpms (the is200).Something has to be done from Toyota.
b)On the road the car is fun but you have to be a good driver because it oversteers alot
if you push it hard.(real condition)
Take it to s road and you will love it.
The 6 speed manual transmition is superb.
Shifting is superb too. I think is one of the best I have try in my life .
c) the painting is very good also.

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reflex, your best bet is to go check out the car for yourself. All the information here will give you a good base on what to look for but the bottomline will be your own connection to the car. What looks like crap to one person will look great to another. It's great these gripes are brought up in this forum so you will have an idea of what to look for. Just don't weigh too heavily on it cuz your opinion is the only opinion that matters in the end. That goes for magazine reviews as well. Use it as a guideline, not your deciding factor. That is best done with a test drive.

As for future amenities, ask yourself do you care for it, want it, or make a difference in the way you drive? Keep it mind future models will always have a little something added to them to stir comsumer interest. There's really no end to it. If you absolutely must have all options there is to offer for the model, then I suggest you buy one during the beginning of a model year. That way, you will have the "top of the line" for a year before the new model comes in with more options.
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