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So this is the skirts I have now. I'm finally to a place in my 1JZ swap that I feel it is reliable and hopefully I squashed all bugs and could be bugs. Full timing kit with water pump and doing the VVTI intake cam gear seal and she should be right as rain. Literally all parts are new or replaced and all gaskets aside from the head gasket are done/being done.

So now I want to get her looking ok as she has fading clear coat, bumps, dings, scratches and so forth from the last owner. I'm sure some of you have read a few of my post but fun and reliability where my two man things I wanted to focus on. I'm hoping taking advice from my buddy who is an ASE master mechanic will do me well. Definitely one of those while you are in there type of guys. And while this is my first build having a strong foundation is a good idea no matter what you are doing.

Anyhow I'm not happy with how the car looks. I have ordered the JZX100 control arms and getting my spindles cut and welded for better fitment when my new rims come in. As mine are just way to friggin big. 18x8.5 is to large all the way around im this car. Not sure about anything else as I never cared enough to look into it as I knew it needed to go.

So I got two front bumpers I am trying to decide upon. But that isn't really important as no matter the bumper the cheap arse skirts gotta go. So I have only been looking into the IS for about 6 months when I decided it was my platform for my mid life crisis and I'm super late to the game. So I missed a lot and I have only owned one for three months. I kinda like the style that I have now but would prefer some better quality material.

Here are the few I'm eyeing

Hippo Sleek
Elixir (cause I gotta Elixir bumper)
C West

Is there any others I might wanna look for? Any opinions on those I picked? How would they hold up? I really like the hole towards the back So any help would be amazing guys or just pointers.


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