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Imagine if you had the chance to talk to the Lexus designers and engineers and let them know what you love and hate about your IS300. What would YOU tell them?

After having mine for only 2000 miles now, it's barely broken in, but here is my list of things I'd want them to consider in designing the next generation IS.

- Aggressive exterior styling & an interior with "character." When I say character, I just love the little touches like the chronograph gauges, metal pedals, and chrome shift knob. Props to Lexus for keeping up with the times and enhancing the car over time with things like blackout tails, graphite polished wheels, and black pearl emblem kits.

- Killer paint. So many people have commented on my graphite gray pearl paint because it has so much metallic fleck in it. The color choices are great too from yellow to IBP. Sniff - RIP Solar Yellow.

- Automatic everything. I love not having to worry about much of anything while driving. Setting stuff to auto means the lights turn on and off, the climate control is always the right temp, interior and exterior mirrors dim automatically, and even the vents take care of themselves. The car offers the right balance of sportiness and luxury appointments.

- Lexus quality. Even the sound the door makes when closing screams quality. The car feels smooth and competent on the road yet sporty.

- Rear wheel drive. Nuf said.

- Killer stereo. Even after a few years on the market, this audio system still rocks. I know, many of you audiophiles will point out various flaws, but admit it, for a stock system you can't go wrong.

- Great price. Wow! I really think this car is a great value for what you get. I got mine FULLY loaded and paid $31k brand new. Competetive models like the G35 are $5-10k more.

- OK, small thing, but the cup holders blow goats. Next time around I hope they put some proper cup holders in that deal with stuff bigger than a 12oz can.

- Car needs more power. It'd be cool if they had an IS430 option for those of us on this board. Lexus really should try to tap into a market to compete with the BMW M3, Audi S4, and Subaru STi. Not that I bought the IS for raw power (I would have got an Evo if that was all that was important) but it was lame getting smoked by a 4-Runner Limited last weekend.

- The power adapter is in a bizarre location under the armrest. A guy with a 2002 IS at work didn't even know it was there until I pointed it out. I wish it was in a more logical location to plug my radar or CCM phone cradle into. I know - plug it into the cigarette lighter you say. Problem being, I tried that and pulled the whole assembly out when I unplugged my radar. The dealer fixed it but recommended I not plug things into the cigarette lighter in the future. :-?

- The car feels a LITTLE too small. Leaning the seat back to a comfy position practically puts me in the backseat. The car feels just a little narrow. I know, a small thing again, but I'd love just a BIT more rear seat legroom and an inch or two in the overall width.

- Touch screen Navi. I love my IS navigation system, but my friend's Acura TSX with the touchscreen is so nice. You can input things about 5X faster than with the IS nav's little joystick.

- Satellite radio compatibility in stock head unit. Adding Sirius is difficult as there's not much room on the already full dash and console panels to add the aftermarket tuner unit.

- I give Lexus props for the aggressive 17" stock rims. Lots of people ask me if they're aftermarket wheels. Still, it'd be cool if they offered 18's or 19's as an option on the new model.
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