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I bought my IS through . I was very satisfied with the whole process. I did all of my resarch and named my price. The only charge from priceline is $50 if you buy the car, $100 if you commit to buy the car and walk away, and no charge if you are not satisfied with the car the dealer is willing to sell you. The only other charge at the time of purchasing is state tax. The standard dealer fee is already included in the price you quote. Be fair in the price you quote most likely they will accept a reasonable price I figure nothing close to invoice, but that's my opinion.

I thought the dealer would try to add extra charges and that never occured. Plus they can only try to sell you aftermarket parts (spoiler, pinstripes, etc.) if you bring up the subject.

I saved $2000.00 off sticker price, true other people have maybe gotten slightly better deals, but they most likely had to haggle with the dealer for hours if not days. I highly reccomend priceline to everyone looking to save money and alot of headaches.

I also have used priceline in the past for airline tixx and got great deals and have saved about $1000.

Good luck with your purchase!

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You can't really BUY A CAR online. You use a car buying service online that refers you to or has deals with a dealer network. You buy the car from that dealer and thus pay sales tax in the state where the dealer is that you bought the car.

That's not to say that companies aren't trying to change that. They're locked in to the deals they have with dealers that prevents them from selling directly to consumers. GM was going to try and then stopped...

And you could still buy a car out of state and not pay sales tax, but you'll likely pay it anyway (and sometimes an out of state transfer fee) to your state when you try and register the car.

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