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Okay, best WAX??

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I know earlier there was a wax post. What has been everyones experience on their favorite wax?

Names of any pre-wash products would be helpful too!

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I've been using Mother's (waxed twice so far) with very good results. Paint feels like the day I bought it. But, haven't used anything else so no real comparison but I have no complaints about Mother's.
My absolute favorite wax is PS21 Concours. Its a REAL carnuba wax (smells and feels like a big candle) and it really shines and leaves the finish ultra slippery. Gives great protection not just a another pretty face. I use this all the time on my Boxster. As for pre-washes, I've been using Sonax (German) but its out of stock for awhile and I am getting ready to try PS21's wash formula. For more info on these products or to order go to:

BTW, I do not work for any of the above mentioned nor do I resell or receive any comps from any of them.
I heard so many great things about Zaino Bros. that I ordered some and should have it by the end of the week.
I'll let you know how it is.

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I've watched several friends' cars using Blitz for a while, and the results have been outstanding.

I've been waiting for September and a sale price for this on (no relationship other than customer). The wax should arrive just about when I am ready to give my new IS its first coat.

I pick that new IS (SBM!) up at 12:30 today :).
I have been using Mothers Wax - Phase 1,2 & 3 I love it... a dry terry cloth towel.. slides right off my hood! plus they got a good fine cut polish for removing blemishes and dead flies and all that junk that sticks to your bumper and nose.
Any one use mothers Showtime Instant detailer????


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