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Are the 02' IS's not really out yet? My neighbor has had a RED M/T IS300 (with the weird arm-rest, the chrome rings on the speakers, and the one color black dash) for about 2-3 weeks now... we've been having fun laying patches down in front of the house with it...

It doesn't look any different from the outside compared to his 01 yellow IS300, other than the "smoked" rear "altezza" lights (or as Hunduh owners like to call em, Euro-Accord tails... lol, I bet in europe, the accord has lights similar to the ones here in the US).

I actually think I liked the 01's interior better, but the stick is a nice add-on.

BTW, he works for Lexus

He did have the red "showcar" M/T IS300 prototype they keep taking to the F1 races all over the country about 3 months ago, I think it had a leather shift knob, red inserts in a carbon fiber steering wheel, and some ugly 18" rims with a million spokes and fake rivets. No VIN number, so we couldn't mess around with it
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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