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You can't be serious, right?? Is that what it costs in the US? In Europe (Belgium to be specific), the most basic IS F costs 73 610 €, or 100 000 USD.

Glad you were able to get it fixed. This is a problem I have all the time with cars: I think things are wrong (e.g. I think my IS 220d pulls to the right as well, and I also think the engine makes a weird sound sometimes), but it's almost impossible to prove to your garage that you're correct.
Ever hear of VAT? or other taxes? Its quite common in Europe for prices to be expressed with tax. Like in the UK when they tell you the price of the car is £50,000 that is your out the door after tax price....same in restaurants. In socialist Europe...THEY TAX YOU. Its a great way to keep the people from knowing how much tax their ACTUALLY paying. Give we have a lot of hidden taxes here a MAJORITY of tax is applied at the time of sale with "Sales Tax" which usually ranges between 4-9% of the sale.

/4 month late rant.

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IS-F-I-Found said:
Anyone else dealing with the pull to the right?
i actually had the dealership work on this issue
they said they did the best they could but it STILL pulls to the right...


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Isn't anyone getting alignment printouts from the dealer after the work is done? I fought the drift to the right for a year now and after 6 trips to the dealer the car drives perfect.

Short story is: Subframe was not centered (from factory) and needed to be adjusted. Once the subframe was centered the front camber and caster fell into place. Car is great now.

Theses cars are very sensitive to left/right variation in camber and caster. If you are unsatisfied, call Lexus Corporate and have a factory field technician look at it. This will piss off your dealer cause it gets them in trouble, but so what, you want your car right. Make sure to have them shift the subframe, it only takes 1.5 - 2.0 mm to fix things.

Good Luck, be patient.
If you cannlt get

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Totally different car; exact same problem: Lexus RX400 from 2006. Already 5x (3D) aligned, new tires blahblah but still pulling to the right. No Lexus garage in our country doesn't know what to do any more. It's driving me (and Lexus) crazy.

The car:

- never damaged, never had accident
- no damage on suspension
- never hit a curb
- no damage on the rims
- new tires (drove about 5000 miles now)
- 75.000 miles total

I know this topic is about an IS-F, but will affect this info my RX400 too?

I'm desperate :(

Kind regards,

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