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Both the 2JZ-GE and 2JZ-GTE use the same oil filter, so I guess I can throw my 2 cents in. We just had topics on this subject on the Supra mail list. The 90915-20003 filter is the better filter. They took it apart and found it was made of better quality and parts internal. This is a Japanese OEM part I believe made by Denso. You can tell by the Orange gasket ring, it is wrapped in plastic and pre-oiled(when new in box). Not sure where the American oil filter 08922-02011 is made but it uses a tightly packed paper filter(which isnt good for high flowing) and is made here.

Some of the more well experianced people on the list recommend the Toyota filter made for the V-8, part# 90915-20004(notice how the part # is close to the Japanese OEM), which uses a crystal filter. It is longer then the regular ones but fits, also has the orange gasket, wrapped in plastic and pre-oiled. Might want to try that one. I take my filter out through the top also after I remove the battery (better then spilling oil on my face). I use the Mobil 1 filter myself..cant tell the differance anyways but its all "peace of mind". TRD has a oil filter also which is smaller, part# 00642-90915-001.

94 6 speed

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