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CL is holding a meet in West Palm Beach over a 2 day period...

Ok folks here we go:

Date: Aug 22(Fri) & Aug 23(Sat)
Time: Aug. 22 - 7:00pm Aug. 23 - 3:00pm
Location: Tower Shopps
Directions: Go south on I-95, take 595 West and get off at University Blvd. Make a Left at the light and it's the first big shopping center on the left side. About 2 blocks after the exit. From FL Turnpike go north/south depending on your location (South FL guys go North, North FL peeps go South) until you hit 595 West....

Members attending:
futuregs (Both days)
bluelex (Both days)
Cosm (??)
Wide LS (Both days)
Uncle Nick (Friday)
lexforlife (Fri (possibly) - Saturday)
alwilliams (Both days)
PMatrix (Both days)

Events: Up to you guys, you know the area better then me, however, this is what I want to do.

Friday night for those who want some NICE night photographs (with my G3) we need to find a parking garage or a well lit area, beach would be great photoshoot. Then we will convoy down University Dr. to the hooters at univer and pines and converge on them and do some photo ops there with the hooters girls.

Saturday - daytime photography shoot, again open to whatever you guys want to do. Maybe Hooters?

Also I need to know whose coming on what days. So PM me or post it here and I'll update.

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