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off topic but M3 or 540 6spd?

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since everyone's on the topic of the new M3,

I am curious as to what everyone else would think.....since most of the dealers I've talked to are adding a 3-5k premium on the M3, that puts it up there with a 540 sport 6-speed v8. Both will be around 50-55K.

So, at that price, does it not make you wonder getting the 540 6spd instead? I know it's not an M-car and not as exclusive, but damn, outside the M5, the 540 sport has to be one of the best sedans out there (282hp 0-60 in 5.6 secs)? (AND it's available in almost any color you want)
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I would get the M3. M3's performance is comparable to the M5. The 540 is one of the top sports sedans, but not as good as the M5. I assume your priority is performance since you are comparing the M3.
It balances out because insurance rates are higher for the M cars too. My friend got his M3 stolen 3 times before he wised up and bought a junker pickup.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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