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off topic but M3 or 540 6spd?

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since everyone's on the topic of the new M3,

I am curious as to what everyone else would think.....since most of the dealers I've talked to are adding a 3-5k premium on the M3, that puts it up there with a 540 sport 6-speed v8. Both will be around 50-55K.

So, at that price, does it not make you wonder getting the 540 6spd instead? I know it's not an M-car and not as exclusive, but damn, outside the M5, the 540 sport has to be one of the best sedans out there (282hp 0-60 in 5.6 secs)? (AND it's available in almost any color you want)
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My dream car had always been the M5...until I test drove the 540i. It understeers like a cow on skates. Now I'm leaning towards the M3 for my next car. Like S38, my priority is on having fun at the track (and on twisties and at autocrosses), and the lighter car wins hands down. Of course, if my priorities leaned towards transporting the family around in comfort, I'd go for the M5.
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