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Just a thought...

I was wondering if there are any previous Audi car owners that visit these forums. I believe an member currently owns an Audi S4. My question for those is; do you see Audi as a less reliable car than the Lexus? The reason I ask is that of curiousity, and I was just thinking "What if I saved my money and buy myself an Audi S4 instead of the auto Lexus IS300?" Would it be worth it? I mean, I've seen the Audi S4, know what it's capable of, and, man, it's a HOT car! But I don't want to buy a car that's offering a lot but will "die" sooner than expected.

What do you think?

By the way, when is the new Audi S4 2001 model coming out? I've seen the 2000 one only.
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The webmaster at currently owns a Audi S4.. he has alot of info on it and the pros and cons
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