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Here's the current and possibly final status.

Meet at 3:00pm. (A)
Roll at 4:00pm.
Reach Mt. Wilson around sunset (C)
Hang for however long (moon rises at 6:15)
Head for (D)

Taking suggestions for eateries around D.

From Small White Car. This is the current route as tagged above.
Fenwick St to CA-2 W - Google Maps

Meet right off the freeway in Sunland, we can leave out the back so we don't have to go left without a signal. A left turn onto Oro Vista, through a small residential area with one or two stop signs and then it becomes Big Tujunga Canyon Road.

No one lost so far?

Once we come to Angeles Forest Highway, we go right and run that to the junction with Angeles Crest Highway and make a left. There is a large parking lot there if we feel the need to regroup and wait for stragglers.

Still with us?

From there it's about four miles to Mt Wilson/Redbox Rd. We all turn right and it's another four miles up Mt. Wilson Road. This part will definitely be a 'cruise' since it is usually pretty dirty on this narrow two laner full of blind corners, rock faces and sheer cliffs. Once we get on top, there is ample room to park if we can get into the gates of Skyline Park, I don't know if they close them or not although I can't recall ever seeing that gate closed any time I've ever been up there. Even if the gate is closed there is probably plenty of room along Mt. Wilson Circle to gaze down on L.A.

Hope for very cold conditions as they give the clearest views.

Back in the cars and down the mountain into La Cañada and we can rendezvous where our regular Crest cruise begins or a suitable eating establishment.

~45 miles, about an hour and a half wheel time according to Google.

Here is the original thread.

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FFyi, its gonna rain friday evening through according to the news and weather channel. Good luck
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