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Let me just say,"From this day forth, I shall not talk smack about the Vette ever again!"

I had a chance to test drive the Vette at the GM's Autoshow In Motion and boy was it a great expreience. The torque on that thing is a monster. The day was sunny, a nice breeze was coming from the bay and I was in the convertible. The first thing you notice when you get settled in the car is the Heads Up Display (HUD). I'd say the HUD is about 3x5. The interior wasn't too bad. I was expecting a Mercury Topaz or a Ford Escort quality interior, but it was way better than that. Shoei's impression of GM is still stuck in the 80's.

There was a GM dude in the passanger seat giving instructions throughout the course. The inital run around the course he didn't say too much. I think he just let me be. The second time he gave lots of instructions, which mostly consisted of "MORE GAS....MORE GASSSS......MORE.......GASSSSS. :eek:

The first launch of the vette, I had the petal down to about 1/2 way since I wasn't familar with the car and wanted to stay safe. Boy was that fun!
Plus the wind was buffeting my ears adding to the sensation of speed. I finished the two S turns and was about ready to pull the car back to the start, when the dude turn to me and says, "Would you like to go faster?" I said, "F*ck ya!"

Needless to say, I punched the accelator all the way down the second time and rest of the day was a blur. Damn that torque is incredible.

Any .net members make it to the event?
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