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Hey all,

its been awhile. so much has been going on. anywho...I was looking for people's contact info. Like email addresses and cell #'s. The reason why is because of the weather up here, it is hard to set up a meet/cruise in advance. It would suck if we scheduled a meet a month in advance, but then get rained out. So here is my proposition:

PM me at least your email address. There is already a NorCal Email Distibution List that exist. I would like to expand that for a couple of reasons...I know there are many .NET members up here, but also just wanted to get a strong list together so I can send out a broadcast email and set up something with a couple of days notice.

So I know Al7ezza is hookin it up with the new carting place...what else do you want to do??? Highway 9 to Santa Cruz from San Mateo??? Maybe a Highway 1 drive??? Canyon run???

let me know
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