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I cannot believe this cr*&! ..I am still waiting for my 2002 Silver 5 speed with nav. Lexus of Bellevue tells me that no dealership in the Pacific Northwest has cars on the ground yet. I am supposed to be getting the first one.
A little while ago ND4SPD posted that he test drove and saw a 5 speed 2002 Is300 at Lexus of Seattle. Well, I have spoken to two people there and they both said the same thing, they are expecting the 5 speeds in soon but don't have any at the dealership yet.

Has anyone else in the area had the same experience? What is going on?
The cars are already at the Port but for some reason have not been released to the dealerships. Does anyone know what the story is?

Its really annoying.. I gave my full down paymnet o Lexus of Bellevue 11 days and ago..and still no car !
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