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Nicest IS300 around!!!

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personally i think that this is one of the best IS300's that i have ever seen... and i have seen them all.

btw: i've been on this forum for the last few months... don't ask me why it took me this long to register???
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That pic has been posted before I believe... It's pretty nice, just don't like the hood... My award for nicest IS still goes to TurboIS's... WOW
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I agree...TurboIS's has both show AND go. This IS from Carisma's all right; the rims are awesome (Volk SE37A's) though I kinda hate the front end. Sorta ricey but not too bad...I'd keep the stock bumper on.
i saw that car at hot inmport nights and does not look like it does in the pic...

when i was there i saw the bumper fall completely off...
the hood bulges towards the middle on the sides..

it does not look as nice as it looks.....

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everyone has their own opinion, but that is the ugliest front end I've ever seen. Looks like paper thin fiberglass designed by a blind man
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Where'd these thugs get the money for this?
No thank you.
No thank you.
The front bumper on that car looks flimsy, and the back is hideous, it has an oblong square cut out for the exhaust! The white IS next to it is awesome, plain looking (besides the graphics), but it is a wide body!
Someone otta be shot for defacing a beautiful car like that. I agree where it the thug's get the money.
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What's with the baby sh!t yellow hood?!

Hey....Wait a second.! I recognize that wannabe in the car, that's Carlos!Big Crack/Cocaine dealer in the Bronx!Haha!What a PimP!A what awful taste, Ick!
Sorry you guys. i really didn't mean that this IS was the best around. i am not really into the color and the carbon fiber hood. and the bumber would look 100% better if it had a big intercooler to fill the gap. i guess i was just in aww with the way the car sat on those se-37's. would you guys forgive me?!
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Carlos forgives you & throws in a nice Crack pipe for good measure.
Originally posted by Lexus Luthor:
What a waste of a Lexus. Just my 0.02 worth.
I could not agree with you any more.

They should have bought a Honda Civic.

Will Cover
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