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nice rims , fugly is300

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You don't like the hydraulics? Those rims are pretty sweet. That pic is from SEMA. I tlked to the owner and it is on hydros. I don't understand why someone would do that to the suspension of the Lexus. I like things low, but that is a bit much.
i want the rims!
It's not THAT bad..grow up. Im sure it just sittin low for show and it drives at a coilover height probably. no big deal... some like hydro, some like stock some like in between. depends whats suits you.
god dayam! that is phat... i was thinking about baggin mine..but its just too much work.. im content with my coilovers..but id be sooooo happy if i had it bagged... theres nothin like flippin switches...
That is HOT. Anyone know what ground effects that is?

As far as baggin and IS, that should be cake. I got bags and hydros on my truck, that was work!
I think the rims are Versus Champion SS7 for seven spokes. They also come as SS6 for six spokes. Usually Japanese add 6 spoke in front and seven spoke at the rear.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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