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Next Thursday!!

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yes!!! finally, after 2 months waiting
I will get my DPW/ivory IS with C package next Thursday!!
i got it for $52300CAD= $34000US with spoiler, dask kit,and tint!
what do u guys think??
is there any better deal that might beat this one in Toronto ??
rite now, have to work with the insurance....
yes!! finally become an IS owner!!
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Congrats, man. I'm sure it will seem like a very long six days for you.
Was that $52.3K OTR/all in, or are the taxes on top of that?
My old print of a price list from had a package 3 listed at $47,025Cdn. Is that the one you got? (ie. w/graph.wheels, wood accents). Also, does yours come with headlamp washers? I have not seen what that looks like on any pics so far.
I am going in this Monday for a test drive (finally), but in all likelihood, I'm going to wait for the 2002 manual.
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