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Newbie with a few ?'s and pics!

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I just became a proud owner of an 03 IS300, i love this car and everything about the car but when i turn really sharp to the left it makes a wierd noise like some screaching noise, now i can tell it's coming from the right front wheel well and it just so happens that that wheel has some curb rash on it and none of the others do, also i get quite a bit of steering wheel shake from about 45-55mph like a tire is way out of balance or like a wheel is bent, i know i should have figured this out before i bought the car but i got way too good of a deal on this car and didn't realize how bad it was until i already bought it and i live in Oklahoma and drove to Dallas to buy it, the carfax checked out clean and everthing looked good so i couldn't turn it down, any help would be appreciated, here's a few pics of the new ride!!!

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Your rim might be bent. I would also get balancing on all 4 wheels. If you take your wheels to a shop to have them balanced, they will be able to tell you if any of the rims are bent. Just take it to a reputable shop.
i bent 2 rims, but they only fixed one. having one bent rim caused the exact same problem with the shaking. 40-50mph i had a really annoying stering wheel shake. took it back and got a new more shake. the whining noise might be the stering pump. sounds like the preveous owner smashed into a curb, and didn't file it under insurance. which is why the car fax report was clean. or they just didn't fix it at all. your problems are easily fixed, its just guna cost ya...........

take it to a dealership....... oh and the factory wheels are $470. ouch
A factory chrome wheel is that damn exspensive, Oh well if it's bent i guess i have to have one, i'll take it down and have it checked out pretty soon, i have been gone for the last 10 days in California racing motocross at the White Brothers vet nationals(i rode the +25 class so i'm not really that much of a vet) and boy was i glad to get back home to my new ride.
Dealer pricing is way too high.
E-bay would be a much better source.
You could get 4 rims for almost the price of 1 from the dealer.

A couple years ago I got a set of brand new Graphite Polised rims for $700. They look way better than chrome ones.
$470 was for the basic silver wheel, not chrome or graphite.
Yeah i went staright to ebay after i posted earlier and found someone selling 1 chrome wheel, i actually found the car on ebay also and thats where i bought it from, call me crazy!!!
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