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For those with 17-inch summer tires, I'm interested in what your plans are for the upcoming winter and snow. From what I've heard here, leaving them on and driving (even in light snow) is pretty risky, so I'm planning on getting a set of all-seasons. I've heard that whenever you take-off or remount tires, there is a good chance of bubbling or some sort of damage to the tires. Can anyone comment on the chances of damaging the tires, as well as your plans for the winter?

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There we go again...

For our piles of snow, it is best to get dedicated snow tires and rims. 16" would work the best, for they are way better for all the potholes on the road during winter.

Funny you should mention remounted tires bubbling up. I got 1 bubble on a tire that was remounted. I hit the same pothole w/ front and the rear tire, and only the front one, the one that was remounted, bubbled up.
Hmm. Makes one think, huh?
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