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Been lurking around the board for a while and thought I'd post now that I am an owner.

Bought me new white/ivory IS 300 yesterday from Fletcher Jones Lexus. No special deal for me. Paid straight MSRP. Got the option package without limited slip -- I just don't drive that way enough to make it worth while and no need for heated seats in the desert -- especially since it would have added over a month to my wait time.

The delivery time was about a week later than they quoted. Supposedly the car was held up in port.

The dealership has been great. They have been very responsive to questions, and have done a nice job keeping me updated during the extra week I waited (They would call me daily even if it was just to tell me there was no news yet).

On to my question: When you lift up the carpet in the trunk there are several cutouts in the under area that hold tools. On the far left, there is a cut out which is rectangular and in my car its empty. Is there supposed to be something there? I couldn't seem to tell from the owners manual.

Paint Problem: There were a few small yellow spots on my paint in various locations that are apparently part of or under the clear coat. Most are extremely small, but one on the back bumper is about half the size of a dime.

The dealership immediately agreed to fix these under the paint warranty (they will buff them out or repaint as necessary). But I would suggest that anyone buying a IS 300 carefully examine their paint from a 45, and 90 degree angle in both bright sunlight and shade to see if they see anything.

In fact, couldn't hurt to examine your current car, though I doubt you would see it on any paint color other than white.

Has anyone else noted anything like this? Does anyone have any guesses as what it might be? The paint is perfectly smooth in these areas.

White IS 300 LS SR AW

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I don't own an IS (yet!), but as for a guess to that "cutout" on the left side of the trunk--if it's a recessed area in the trunk floor, I'd bet that's where the Navi system will reside (this area usually reserved for Toyota CD changers, but since the IS changer is in-dash...).

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You are quite particular.. like I do.

I know what you are talkin' about the rectanglular-shaped empty slot on the lift with the rectangle lying longitudinally. I don't see anything in that spot either. In fact, I happened to look at it last night and I don't think it's considered as a spot.

For the paint problem, yellow spots on a white car sounds horrible.

However, I have a similar "problem". My IS is silver in color and when I waxed it every inch, I noticed there are quite some paint dusts which are all extremely small except one near the bottom of the rear passenger doors. The vertical areas of both the bumpers, the entire trunk door, and the hood is perfectly smooth. There is a small blemish on the roof. And there are a few on the door gaps.

I guess I will live with them as repainting nor buffing doesn't make sense to me. Both will make your paint thinner and make the situation worse.

As a matter of fact, the only time I know about these imperfections is when I wax the car. I must say that the paint quality of my particular IS is marginally worse than my previous ES in terms of # of blemishes/paint dusts.

For the thickness and the feel of the good surfaces, they are comparable.

I guess cars in general may have small "problems" in the first few months' productions. Lexus ones are not too bad.

Of course, if I had bought a LS400 or LS430, I would request them to replace the car coz` the paint quality and inspection is more strigent on that car.

All in all, I am satisified with my IS. For a white car with tiny yellow spots will be unacceptable to me either.

Zymol'd IS

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I've got a silver one and haven't seen any imperfections in the paint although it may be more difficult to see yellowish spots on silver. If I were you I'd get them buffed out if possible rather than having them repaint. My wife and brother-in-law both required repainting on various areas of their cars and those areas have never been like it was when they were new. The hood of my wife's car looks like it's 10 years older than the rest of the body in terms of its shine and brilliance. And, it was the dealer who took care of the paint job not just some Earl Scheib place. Be careful.

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i have a white one.. no problems at all... a few 'dusty' spots on the sides.. they were noticeably 'rougher' than the top parts of the car... but with waxing, the car's paint is impeccable now..

g'luck with everything...
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