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Hello to all. I am new to this list. My little brother is also on the list. InertiaIS, i think is his sn. Well we are getting money for his rx-7 tomorrow. So we will be looking for the IS300. I just wanted to know... What is the price range that you guys have paid for your cars? What is the best price that anyone has paid for one, and what are the high hp cars on this forum? I just want to know what has been done and what works for tese cars, and we are going to start on his very shortly. Any help would be highly appreciately. Also, if you guys guys can post some links of some your cars that would be great. I'd love to see what this list has done these wonderful cars. Thanks in advance.

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thanks, bro. if, i get tired of it soon, which i doubt. lolz. since, i have spent too much time on it. and not to mention money. i will let you know. but, i do have some very wealthy homes for it already. =)

why not?

Originally posted by HIBBoyScott:
BTW, you can't use the img tag in your signature.
thank you.

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keith just wante dto tell you your car is the bomb =)
lolz. i never thought i'd own a supra either. but, hey... good things come to those who wait. if, you really want one, you will have one. just need to know how what route needs to be taken to obtain that goal.

Originally posted by HIBBoyScott:
Aw, the wealthy ppl can buy one of their own. Donate to the less fortunate...hehe.
Maybe my name should be changed to SupralessScott...
that sucks! lolz.

I have no answer other than "because it says so." It says in the FAQ someplace I think.

trust me.. i never thought i would go that crazy. but, as i got started, i couldnt stop. i am in debt, becuae of the car. but, i can say that it is well worth it. not in my dreams did i ever think my car would turn out like that. like i said before, go after what you want. and do what you enjoy doing. things will just fall into place. and thanks again for the support. means a lot to me. makes me just want to take it to the next level. the car is in the garage right now, i am dying to drive it again. should be soon. email me privately some time, or just im me. my screen name is suprafa5t. i am on aol. i'll give you guys a ride when it is done. should be very soon. that is if you are in the area.=)
well you are in luck. i am from san diego. but, i live in la. so i do drive abck and fourth a lot. next time we have a supra meet, i will invite you all. or if you are ever in san diego, you are welcome to come over.

Originally posted by mrclam:
hey, i'm in LA, when you get it ready i'd beg to come down and see your car in person! that'd be coooooolll :p hehe

Originally posted by HyperMKIV:
man, these supra guys are taking over eveything...
hey keith...when you bringin over my motor and tranny???

and good luck finding that is tomorrow. or i guess let me know if you got it yet. i guess by the time you read this you may have it already.

oh, and say hi to willie for me...

id prefer the is300 over those cars. for myself, the biggest reason is. i have a fully built motor that would fit in there perfectly. with either a single or some fairly decent sized twins.
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