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After 35K miles of great service, I finally broke down and bought one of the last sets of HA's available to replace my existing aging set. Thank god my local shop had a set IN STOCK! I dunno why I am mysteriously drawn to these coilovers. Must be that green color :) maybe I like the results!

I know TEIN recommends a replacement after 60-75K of driving depending on your ride height or usage. I figured they based that number on track time where rain, snow and potholes and such dont play a huge part in the wear and tear these coils are subject to. I didnt find it hard to spend the extra cash early seeing that a good suspension makes the world of difference.

I figured since I drive so much each week, my car deserves to ride on a good suspension. Feels like the day I slapped on my first set :) AHHHHHH. Once i pre-assembled the units.. it was a matter of 70min from start to end to get these things installed and adjusted.

I tossed out the actual old HA strut cartridges (they seemed a little worn out, surprisingly not rusted, but just worn) and smaller bushings and such. I did keep the spring perches, springs (helper and main), wrenches and misc crap that could possibly be used as spare parts for anyone in need of itemized pieces.

OH well..... Im gonna have a happy thanksgiving.
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