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Hi guys,

I just wanted to let everyone know there is a new speed shop in Orlando now open. My partner Larry is the guy who did a fabulous job modifying Hulk Hogan's Supra, he also has a flawless customer satisfaction reputation and his prices are outstanding. After a long time of wanting to do something I decided to quit procrastinating and bought out the owner of MV Auto's, the shop Larry worked at. Larry and I are now partnering up to create a new shop called Auto Tuner. We have a few IS300 customers already and although our focus in the past has been mostly Supras we are now gearing up to be active in the IS300 market. If anyone is in town and needs any kind of work done or if you just want to swing by and check out our shop, please do. Although our website has mostly Supra parts, it only a few days old and we will be adding an IS300 section shortly, if there is anything you need not found on the site pleast don't hesitate to call.


Adam Gambuzza
Auto Tuner
Orlando, Fl.

Our web site is,


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hey adam, since you aren't paying .net for advertising, i'd like this to be the last out and out advertisement post, especially since there has been multiple posts about this here, in SF and with the mailing lists.

i understand you have partnership in the business, and of course are looking for customers, but i have to be fair about advertising, but at the same time, want the enthusiasts to know you as a potential parts place, or installer, etc etc

i would say that i would like to see more "indirect advertising" from your IS customers talking about how happy they are after going to your shop to get whatever part ;)

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