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New Shipment Spotted at Newark port

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Hello IS300 fans...I spotted at least 100 IS300s at the Newark, NJ will probably be in the tri-state area...many yellows out there.

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I live in East Brunswick and work in Jersey City...take the bus to work (don't wanna risk taking my IS there), so I have a distant view of the Toyota lot while passing over it - although it's good enough to spot the cars. I wonder if they'd let me in if I went there to spot some of the new models not in the market yet. I read somewhere that the LS430 is being released in Japan on August 31, so they might start shipping them here by early/mid september.
The cars are scattered all over the's easy to spot the ISs, especially since they come in unusual colors. I think the only other yellow product from Toyota is a MRS - another great car.
I'll see if I can snap something.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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