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Was at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance today and got a close look at the new Lexus SC430. I must say that although it isn't quite my style (a little 'scrunched' for lack of a better word - the program uses the word 'muscular') it should really set the mouth salivating for many others. Also on the lawn with the SC430 were:

Bentley Continental T
Bugatti EB 218
Jaguar F-Type (aimed at the Boxter/Z3, etc.)
Thunderbird (looks better in person than pics)
Cadillac Imaj (IMHO... Barf!)
Cadillac STSi
Maserati Buran (Can you say minivan?)
Chrysler 300 Hemi C (VERY nice)
Viper GTS/R
Jeep (No kidding) Varsity... Aargh! The sport-ute idiocy has even invaded the Concourse...

Of course, the rest of the show was bonkers...

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I think SC430 is more of a competition for BMW 330ic, MB CLK430 Cab. CL500 is more upscale, and is targeted as Grand Touring, not open top convertible/sports car. Not to mentionn CL55 AMG....

Just my 2 cents..
Andy Kuo
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