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recently purchased a dark silver '02 IS300 5spd with blk interior. overall im pleased with the car, i would like to upgrade the tweeters and the basic intake/header/axel back exhaust (to keep some back pressure on these motors right?) to squeeze out a little more power, possibly wheels and light suspension - although iam very content with the way the OEM suspension handles for a DD

just put in a Rockford Fosgate P2 10in sub and MTX 1600watt amp. with the clutch going out completely yesterday im gonna look for some deals on a Centerforce Dual Friction and Fidanza flywheel and pick up the bearings on if i can find them on there.

i traded in a '03 Cadillac CTS for the IS. the CTS was pretty much garbage. light failure, CD player failure, blown shocks at 30K mi (although subjective i would say most shocks should be able to withstand till atleast 60k +/-) 2 interior panel brackets broke (that was the norm but still was not covered under warranty) i could feel the torque converter going out and the straw the broke the camels back was when i found lots of codensation build up around the oil funnel and noticed i was starting to lose coolant.. ha within the next few days i walked outta the dealership with my IS. the car looked good but it was a nightmare.

i also own a '93 Mazda RX-7 with rebuilt stock twin turbos, some oil cooling mods, b&m short shifter and Spec stage 2 clutch, Apexi power FC & Commander - sitting in my garage with blown apex seals =// (equivalent to head gaskets on your typical cylinder block) this car im currently tearing apart to completely rebuild.

i joined only this forum because at first glance compared to the clublexus seems a little more DIY friendly with more write ups etc - my kinda forum - looking forward to meeting some new lexus guys
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