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New Member with a few questions...

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Hi all, I've been lurking around this board for several weeks as I was contemplating a new IS. Well, last Wednesday I picked up my baby. It's a White IS with black interior, fully loaded (minus the LSD), plus the IS rims chromed. It's been quite a joy for me to drive for the last week. I'm finding a new feature everyday. I used to drive a Ram Air Trams Am so this is a step down in speed. But, the creature comforts and use of this as a daily driver more than make up for that. I liked the car on the test drive but it did not do it true justice. Just from a week of everyday driving I am beginning to love it. I do have a few questions however:

1) What's the best Technique for fast launches? I have no problem accelerating up to around 50 from out of corner. However, when I try a hard launch from a dead stop going straight the car seems to hesitate at around the 5-10MPH range. I have the power button enabled and traction on, but have tried it without both. I think I've managed to avoid the hesitation a few times so maybe I'm giving it a little too much pedal in the beginning or something. Any thoughts?

2) I read the ECU and TRAC upgrade postings. It seems my VIN only falls within the TRAC upgrade numbers. Any idea on what I need to look out for (or what symptons to tell the dealer I have), to get this fixed?

3) Lastly, the only upgrade I've considered is the SRT intake with ECU. It still seems way too pricey for the gains reported. I think I'm gonna hold off for a bit. Would this ECU replace the stock one (that has been reported as having issues)? Might be another reason for me to justify the upgrade.

Sorry this was so long.
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1) powerbrake. that is, hold down the brakes and rev. kinda harsh on the car tho...

3) i think the srt is a piggyback ecu
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