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Hi guys

first I just want to thanx the owner of this site for his great efforts as well as the rest of you

let me explain the situation here and please dont get the feeling that you dont understand anything because that is the case here :p

Im an owner of 2007 IS 300!!!

as strange as it sounds but YES in my country we first recived the IS models in 2006 and the 2006, 2007 models were 300 engines and 2008, 2009 came with a 300 engine as well and they are all in AT no MT is provided.
we havent received the 250 nor 350 yet and I dont think they import it at all.

I have ordered the K&N intake for the 350 and I had to shorten it by a hand saw so it can fit between the air filter box that is provided with the same system and the throttle body (cuz my engine is 300) and it gave me a nice sound and a noticeable performance.

So my questions are:-
1- Regarding the transmission oil cooler for MT, what plate size should I take so it doesn't affect the oil pressure and what kind is better suitable for the IS?

2- Which headers will fit my car, is it the 2005 IS 300 headers, 2007 IS 250 or 2007 IS 350?

3- Because my car is 2007 I have a dual exhaust so would the Borla one fit, the one with y pipe because the body and chassis is the same?

4- I have ordered the POLO performance chip which I have tried on my other car, 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX STI, and it performed will. Has anyone tried it on an IS because I havent received it yet and it will arrive in the few next days?

please dont hesitate to ask me any kind of questions either here or on PM as I'll b glad to answer them

waiting for your replies


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The reason I'm confused is because as far as I know the only IS sold in Saudi Arabia is the IS300 for all the years you mention, with an automatic only.

See here:
LEXUS - Lexus IS index

LEXUS - index

It's still the IS300, no 350, for even the current model year.

My understanding is the reason for this is the high-sulfur fuel sold in the middle-east would cause problems with the direct injection engines in the 250 and 350... so yours has the 3GR-FE engine.

Anyway, assuming you have a middle-east IS300, and it uses the same type of automatic as the 250/350, there's no oil in your cooler lines. The 250/350 transmissions instead have a heat exchanger mounted to the transmission itself, and the only fluid in those lines is coolant, not transmission fluid.

A 2005 IS300 has a straight-6 2JZ-GE engine, not even remotely similar to what is in your car.

Nobody makes headers for your car to my knowledge... it might be possible than 250 or 350 headers will fit (same headers fit both cars physically) but they wouldn't be properly designed for your specific engine and displacement, so you might well be unhappy with the results.

far as I know the only choices there are:

250 headers:
Megan- cheap, iffy build quality
Jun-TW: very overpriced, good quality part

350 headers:
PPE makes sets designed for the 350

As to exhaust, the borla for the 250/350 will likely fit assuming the overall layout is the same, but there were several reports of questionable fit/build quality on the Borla system... the PTS/Joe Z dual exhaust is generally considered the best around for the 2IS for a full dual exhaust system.

And finally, at least on the 250/350, there are no chips that actually work properly in existence. The only ones I've even seen offered were BS 50-cent resistors resold for $20-100 that are a Really Bad Idea because all they actually do is lie to your ECU about the intake air temp.
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