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New laptop or L-sportline kit?

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OK I was getting ready to get a new laptop for school this semester... but after seeing pics of the l-sportline kit I've been sorely tempted to get that instead... the kit would be a little more than the laptop I was planning to get but not too much more. I could always wait until next year for a laptop, perhaps by then I could get the one I want now really cheap.
What do you guys think?
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Ok let me clarify, I admit the laptop would be for more recreational purposes than educational. I bought a new desktop last summer, I was thinking of getting a laptop so I could take it to the library with me and have it handy and hook it up into the ethernet while I was "studying". My desktop I would then give to my sister cause that's how nice and generous I am. Besides I'm in medical school, I'm gonna be so much in debt by the time that I graduate that I'll have to work my ass off to pay back the education!
Originally posted by Rex:
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Yuck beer is nasty, the only thing I can semi-stand is corona with plenty of salt and lime. And wouldn't you know but I'm allergic to alcohol.
Who's gonna give me a lap dance, you?
Here how about I treat you all to a strip show, you guys like Chippendales don't you?
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