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New IS owner here!

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Sup everyone! Just picked up my MSM IS today.
I can't wait till the break-in period is over! I'm gonna hold off on any mods for a while. In the meantime, I want to enjoy it in it's pure form. It feels just as good to be here as it is to own this BADBOY! Wish me luck y'all!
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happy motoring. i kno you will have visions of break-in ending dancing in your head tonight. it still sends chills down my spine when i see my IS, and ive had it since the beg of july, makes you wanna nut your pants
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Congratulations! I had trouble leaving it parked for a month after I took it home. Now, it's a LITTLE easier, but I still park it out so I can see it from my window at work!
Welcome, glad to have you here. I bet you're so happy. Have fun!

'01 Graphite Gray Pearl
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