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New IS 300 E-Shift owner

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Hi everyone. I enjoy your forum very much and used this as one of my references when considering to purchase my IS 300.

Well, I bought one last Saturday! A Mellennium Silver E-shift. I previously had an RSX Type S. I know, I know! Why no 5MT IS 300 for me? Left leg sciatica, 44 years of age and two small kids who I sometimes take to preschool.

I'll admit that the RSX Type S was a fun car to drive which had better cornering and handling than the IS 300, especially with after market 17" wheels and 225/45/ZR 17 tires. I don't know why Acura ever sold the stock RSX Type S with 16" wheels! And the RSX certainly didn't ride like the IS 300 or have that Lexus quality. My low back and left leg just couldn't hack the MT and rougher ride.

So with the IS 300 I get a sporty sedan (no I won't be racing because of my kids. My wife would kill me too!), exceptional styling in and out, longevity (I drive in and out of town 350- 450 miles/week), and my 4 y.o. son just loves the racing pedals!

I compared the IS 300 against the BMW 3 series and decided I didn't want to pay $6k- 7k more for a car not as reliable as a Lexus. Lexus, it seems, is always rated at the top in customer satisfaction.

Yes, I will miss my 6MT rice rocket a little, but the IS 300 more than makes up for it. I'll root for all you 5MT IS 300 owners in your face-offs with other cars. Oh, when it comes time to getting new tires for my IS 300, I'll be getting 225's instead of 215's.

Regards all!
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welcome aboard, good job buying is300, it is a really great car ;D
i had a RSX-S when they first came out and when i had my last IS300, there wasnt any words to describe the satisfaction i got out of my IS300 8) good choice!!
Congratulations and Welcome! :chill:
Welcome aboard! I bought my IS three years ago as a 42nd birthday present to myself. Still love the thing.

(My 225s are on order right now!..)
Welcome. Congrats on the purchase!
Thanks everyone! I'll be looking at the .net store for all those extra goodies.
welcome to board bro, make yourself @ home and congrats on the purchase.

Congrats man! You will enjoy your car for years to come! :D
SeattleSheila said:
Welcome aboard! I bought my IS three years ago as a 42nd birthday present to myself. Still love the thing.

(My 225s are on order right now!..)
I thought you were young :crazy:
Ya, Welcome to IS world, man. I've had mine 16 months now and it still smells new inside. :D I have fun driving it every time I get in it and can honestly tell people how much I love it whenever they ask me. Unfortunately , my baby's gonna have to go in the shop next week since I crashed it last weekend. :cry: :cry: So now I'm driving my stinky old Integra .... can't wait to get back in the drivier's seat of my IS, though .
Hope you get to enjoy splitting the difference: driving nicely in the school zone to drop off your kids, then having some fun on the corners when that child car seat is empty. :wink: :p :D
Speaking of fun on the corners...

I plan on getting 225/45/ZR17s, a drop-in high performance air filter, and maybe some sways (if my wife will let me).

The IS 300 sure gets a lot of looks when I'm driving it!

Just ordered my Pro Lex drop in air filter. It's starting already! All the goodies are yet to come. I didn't realize Pro Lex is only a little over an hour drive from my place.
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