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New Debut-ARMA Supercharger Kit

Hey guys,
Now we aim to widen our fan base. Cordially invite you to “Like” ARMA SPEED on facebook:
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ARMA team is wholeheartedly devoted to developing overall performance upgrade system-supercharger kit, full exhaust system, and brake kit. We play a leading role in researching supercharger kit for BMW N46 and N52 naturally aspired engine while we’re dedicated to working out supercharger kit for LEXUS IS Series.

ARMA complete s/c stage 2 kit including:
Supercharger assembly, mounting brackets, idler pulleys and accessory drive belt, high-flow air filter, supercharger inlet duct, hardware accessories, fuel management computer, extra fuel injectors, blow off valve, intercooler.


Stage 2: Default boost is set @0.5 BAR (7.25 PSI).

ARMA supercharger kit is applicable to LEXUS IS250 & IS300.

Bolt-on installation:





★Features introduction★
ARMA s/c kit is a complete and mature kit. It takes about 6-8 hours to be installed by an experienced mechanic, fully reversible.

ARMA developed specialized intercooler and blow off valve which are mainly distinct from other brands’ supercharger kits.

1. ARMA intercooler is specially designed for this supercharger system. Its outstanding cooling effect and high boost efficiency are the key factors that are better than any other intercoolers on the market. A fine intercooler should have low pressure drop and high heat-conduction.

2. The unique sound of the blow off valve exceeds 120db which will perform soundly during your driving. This blow off valve features automatically store 0.2 BAR when the throttle is from on to off so the throttle response and boost effect are incredible. This is an excellent advantage over any other product on the market.

Furthermore, our kit has three advantages over other brand’s kit.
1. Quiet: We make out strengthened belt to push forward supercharger, this design will make functioning more quiet than roots supercharger.
2. No oil leaking: Our one-way bearing is lubricated by “grease”, this will help to avoid oil leaking around your engine bay.
3. High induction efficiency: ARMA 16-blade outperforms other conventional 6-8 blade. Over 3700 rpm, this blade will produce more efficient and powerful output to pull more horsepower out of your car.

Installing ARMA s/c kit will add extra 35% hp to your car. Installing both this kit & ARMA full exhaust will increase 50% hp!!!

Dyno test video:
is250superCHARGER.wmv - YouTube

What are you waiting for? Get one on your car right away!!!​

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Well this sucks for us 1st Gen IS300 owners. Maybe ARMA will be nice and consider making for the 1st Gen. If not, then I guess after my build a used IS250 looks apealing since ARMA makes a supercharger for it.
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