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New Civic pictures-total 3 series ripoff!

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Can't believe how much the side view looks like a 3 series sedan. Actually the Civic looks a lot better in these pics than earlier ones. I know it's off topic but figured you'd be curious.
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Toyotatech, you forget the Celica, Echo, Prius, and MR Spyder. Toyota's hardcore into new design, and they're the only ones lately doing anything which is both attractive and unique.

There's the Ford folks trying to overcompensate for going overboard with the curves by going all 'new edge', but their Cougar, Mustang, and Focus cars don't quite pull the look together the way the Celica does. Other than Ford, though, there's Chrysler doing new suff with retro styling (PT Cruiser) and don't forget VW's Beetle.

Ford's got a T-Bird in the works, as well, which looks to follow the old-school look.

I'm just going to assume you meant Japanese/German auto design, though, since domestics don't count and nobody cares about them, right?
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