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New Civic pictures-total 3 series ripoff!

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Can't believe how much the side view looks like a 3 series sedan. Actually the Civic looks a lot better in these pics than earlier ones. I know it's off topic but figured you'd be curious.
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From other pics i've seen, the Civic looks like TL in the front (with a Mazda Protege chrome strip on the grille). Yeah, the rear is total Mitsubishi (esp. the lights). Even the side, with the character line is Mitsu.

Thing is, Honda will blow Mitsu out of the water in terms of sales. That's gotta make the Mitsu guys pissed!

What is it with car styling these days? There are hardly any new designs that are a quantum leap over the previous models. Either you do it, and get something wacked like the new Eclipse, or you go stale/safe and get the new Civic.

It's not like it was in the early 90s...
You're right--Toyota has been hitting a few styling homers with the new Celica. The MR Spyder is iffy; the concept is great (lightweight=speed) but styling is a toss-up. The Echo...well, let's just say that some of us are a little embarassed around here!

Anyway--TEG--the "genesis" group was disbanded after the not-warm American reception of the Echo. I agree that the Yaris/Vitz is a cute, great little car, but us Americans tend to see hatchbacks as downmarket and cheap. I'd rather buy the hatch than the sedan, though.

When i was talking about warmed-over designs, I was talking about cars that barely looked any different than the previous model: '96 and '01 Civics, basically any new Chrysler product, BMW sedans (can anyone tell a 3 and a 5 series apart at a glance?), etc.

The retro-craze has been wearing thin on me for a long time now. Chevy's new Monte Carlo is a monstrosity (El Camino???), the new SSR pickup doesn't light my fire, etc etc. Even the new T-Bird doesn't appeal (targetted toward old guys, i think).

Question: have we hit a styling plateau?

Remember such knockouts as the '91 Nissan 300ZX, '91 Maxima, etc etc? When will we get that renaissance?
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