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yup yup boys and girls

they are here:

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I am sorry to even do this, but I have to refute that statement. Unequivocally, I found that Magnussen Lexus of Fremont one of the WORSTt experience I have ever had with a car dealership (i have bought around 9 new vehicles already in my young life). I found the salesman to be pretty ignorant of the product, uncooperative, and outright snobbish. Just because I was a young (read ghetto looking
entrepreneur, they coughed at me the notion that I was seriously contemplating the purchase of their "unattainable" flagship, the LS430! They even said that I could not test drive the vehicle, when it was plainly apparent some other older, seemingly affluent customers were. I was so turned off, I almost went next door to the Claridges and bought a Mercedes instead (gag). It's OK though, and I have no hate...I ended it buying my black on black Sport / Lev / Nav package LS at the wonderful Putnam Lexus instead (Serramonte was too far away), and promptly came back to the salesman and the managing staff to thank them....for not making me make the biggest mistake of my life and buying it from them!

BTW> Ask for Steve Heath(?) at Putnam Lexus..he's the ultimate Sales Manager willing to negotiate with you and be very frank (no dicking around business). He also happens to own an IS300 (not his, but the dealership!) and intends on being the first one in the world with the TRD supercharger! Hmmm...I should call him now about a test drive in the 5-speed IS!

LS430 Black on Black - Nav / Lev / Sport / LSport Springs
"Lexus flexes from Long Beach to Texas"

Originally posted by Master:
at Magnessum's of Fremont.

the sales ppl were TOTALLY nice.....they even turned on the car to show me the NAV! talk about customer service

MAGNESSUM'S.....the ppl's bay area lexus dealer haha
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I'm a little on the young side myself ( <25), and was suggested to take a look at the IS (ah no thanks for now! no offense). Next time you go Master, ask them to test sit in, test drive, and mess in the Ultra Luxury Package LS430...I think you'll get treated slightly different

Thanks again for the pix though...I may get an IS for my gf!

Originally posted by Master:
i dunno ST haha sorry to hear about that.

i look so young too, i'm only 18...i guess they just liked me. haha

anh my pleasure for the pics...i work rite next to the automall anyways
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