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Well folks, the time has come to set up one more BBQ to close out the season. Although this year's participation seemed to be a little weak overall, I think we can all show each other that the club is still alive and thriving by attending this event. There were about 70 cars in attendance at the last one! Check out Elusive Media's coverage at this link TE|EM – Team Elusive|Elusive Media NELOC Kickoff Meet & BBQ With the summer nearing an end, let's make the best of it and try to match or beat that number! :thumbup: All I ask is for EVERYONE to contribute. It isn't fair when just a handful of people have to spend their hard earned money to feed an army of people.

Location: Watchung Reservation - Seeleys Pond Picnic Grounds (Use 60 Valley Rd, Berkeley Heights, NJ in your GPS)
Date: Saturday, August 18
Time: 11AM-7PM

Map: Red star marks the picnic area location

Let's start an attendance list along with what everyone is bringing. *PLEASE DO NOT BRING ALCOHOL AS I WILL NOT HAVE A BEER/LIQUOR PERMIT*

1. phatjay - burgers, hot dogs, buns, charcoal, lighter fluid, grilling utensils
2. Evil Teo - hot dogs and buns
3. NYGS3ANDY - Turkey burgers, ice tea, buns
4. Lexatlast - Chips
5. CestRocks - Meats and sodas
6. chubz - Whatever
7. 4mula_J87 - eating utensils, maybe Hawaiian BBQ chicken
8. Mike N. - soda, eating utensils
9. Joey - hot dogs and buns
10. iDJXplode - music (surprising much? lol)
11. Ulises - brownies
12. Bryan
13. Kareem
14. Rasool
15. Leon
16. Freddy - burgers, buns, sodas
17. Mike K.
18. Jose
19. Neury
20. SupraMan17 - paper towels and a food item
21. Niloy
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