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So i get a code 97/1497 on my hvac ,each start up i get the windshield defrost that flash for at least 15sec and once its operationnal it automaticly goes back to 25 degres(celsius,im in canada ;)) .*

My air recirculation servo doesnt work at all, but the system is sending the signal , and ive testes it with a battery and it works .*

So this code could be 2 thing , the ac harness(well i hope its not the main harness) or the ac amplifier , wich i tried another one and didnt change nothing .*

Did someone ever change that harness , i was told i would have to remove the dash completly 🤷‍♂️

If someone could help me out it would be appreciated alot .*

If someone got the procedure to change it also*

im pretty sure theres a way to not remove the dash completly ,well i hope*


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