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Hey all,

I am a new owner of a 2011 IS F that is in great condition. I have recently needed to replace the font pads and rotors as the dealer wanted $1256 for a front brake job.

I managed to get all Brembo pads and rotors from AutoZone for $250 shipped and they are an exact replacement. The issue I ran into as I was reassembling the brakes was the needed torque specs for the calipers bolts. Thats when I realized I didn't have a shop manual for the car. I have always purchased a shop manual for all my cars as I tend to do most general service and like to put everything back as its supposed to be.

With all that said, doe anybody know where I might find Lexus shop manuals for the 2011 IS F? I have tried EBAY and found only one person selling a complete set for $1800. I haven't found anything else at all and broke down and paid for a year subscription for Online Chilton for $30. It did get me the torque specs and most all work I will do. I would really like the shop manuals though.


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