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I'm in need of new brakes and I figured I'd take the plunge and upgrade to a Supra brake kit for the front since a buddy (and fellow IS owner) can hook me up with a great price on calipers. I've decided I'm going with cross-drilled StopTech rotors, OE sized for the rear and either 1-piece for the fronts or AeroRotors, matched with stainless steel lines. Am still undecided about pads, but I'm strongly leaning towards Akebono ProACT or Street Performance ceramic pads.

Now that I've given everyone some background on the brake setup, it's my wheels and offsets that have me scratching my head. My car is currently rolling on stock 17's, +50 offset for the winter and I'm about to install spring/fall rims, which are 18x8 +45 '06-'07 GS350/430 take-offs. I also have plans to buy a summer set, which will be 18x7.5 +42 BBS RK's powder coated diamond black with some JDM flair.

What I need to know is...

1) What size spacer do I need for the fronts in order to use my stock 17's in the winter?

2) Will I need spacers for either set of 18's?

3) If I buy AeroRotors, what is the size equivalent to stock Supra rotors?

4) Will I have to buy separate stainless steel brake lines? IS300 specific for the rear and Supra specific for the front?

5) Best brake fluid to compliment such a setup

Help that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated and returned by +rep. Thanks!!!
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