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So I have this amplifier, Crossfire VR404 4 channel, here are its stats

2ch/4ch input selector switch on all Multi-channel amplifiers: No need for a "Y" cable to run all channels from a single pre-out head unit.

Bridgeable 4 channel amplifier

50W x 4 RMS, 400W Max.

Variable Highpass/Lowpass Crossover from 50 to500Hz

MOSFET power supply

Nickel plated connectors

5 way protection circuit

2 ohm stable

9.3"W x 2.1"H x 14"L

PROBLEM It blew, so i need a new amp, I don't want to spend that much money because I don't really care much about sound, but I want the same or better quality as stock sound.

I can't use the stock amp because there is a lot of re-wiring, I am looking for an aftermarket amp with the same (or nearly the same) stats as this Crossfire VR404.

Any suggestions would be cool, since I just want to replace this amp by reconnecting the wires.

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If you want quality for a good price. I'd look to Zuki Audio. They're not well known, but their Eleets amplifiers are SQ wonders. Some of the best sounding amplifiers money can buy.

Those amps are designed and built in the USA with the best parts money can buy. They're not cookie cutter Korean designs stamped on to Chinese boards in Malaysian sweatshops... like EVERYTHING from Elemental Designs.

Power ratings are somewhere down in the 5 watt per channel range due to the interesting (however EXTREMELY honest) way they rate these amplifiers. Guaranteed, the four channel Eleets will out scream your VR404.
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