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Hi guys !

Just thought I would share my experience with the 17" Michelin Alpine Sport I put on my IS300 this winter.
I chose the Michelin because they have better wet/dry performance than the Blizzak (and these conditions are the most common anyway) but slightly inferior snow/ice traction compared to the Blizzak.
Anyway, I had no trouble at all and have not seriously lost traction yet. Of course, this was all under careful city driving conditions, and I never tried to plow through a snow bank (like this idiot in his Merc E500 which got stuck). But these tires performed awesome for me. I did a few test runs on acceleration/braking on snow and they are as good as I would expect.

The dry performance is also pretty good (as advertised)..
I'm running them on the 17" optional rims that come from the dealer.

Hope this helps some people.

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