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Fayetteville Drag Strip Meet April 20th/Roll Call - ImportsNC Online Forums // Your Source for NC Import Scene

i may go 2 watch..
Who? Anyone who wants to tag along. Import's, Euro's, Domestics, Bikes.

Right now I know of a few groups of people that may want to come. So far Flat4nc( Subaru's) Some of the Evo's from EvoM, Honda's( H-T, Ch, Ect.)
Colbalts( Travis' Partners in crime) Neon's from the SRT-4 forums, Nissan's from, and a bunch of muscle cars from

When? Sunday April 20th, 1-6pm at Fayetteville Motor Sports Park

Why? We have been in need of a good Meet in Fayetteville for a longass time. Nobody could decide on a set date or a place. So we all came up with this. Plus with all the bench racing that tends to happen at meets when you have multiple car groups together, we have the track.

Plus is a very nice controlled enviroment for taking photos of cars racing ect.

If someone wants to start a rollcall..Go for it. I contacted the drag strip and we are good to go.
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