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Grrr. I made this whoel post only to get a message saying there was a software error and when I went back the post was gone. L I now write this in word and will save it before cutting ans pasting it to the UBB. It is going to be shorter this time around.

Anyways, we went to see the Navigation system in a 2002. The system appears to be fairly bright, but while we didn't drive using the system it does appears it will be easy to see even in bright sunlight. The screen tilts, but it appears to only stop at 3 settings.

The salesman that was showing us the car had not played around with new system yet. From what I can tell the system is similar to the other Lexus systems, but differs in that the IS does not use a touch screen based system. I guessed that the screen is too far away (mounted above the radio and A/C vents) from the user to allow ease of use of the touch screen. So, Lexus chose to mount the controls between the seats and use at least 10 buttons and a joystick to control the unit.

Default input is street number then street name. Alternative input is to put the city in first and after using the system, I think this is a better although longer way to enter the address. You must pick what geographic region you are wanting to find. From what the salesman said previous Lexus systems did not display the state's names just highlighted the area on the map. The IS highlights the area and lists the state's postal code to help the geographically challenged.

First you enter the number of the address. You toggle around with the joystick and have to push the joystick STRAIGHT DOWN to select. If you don't do that the joystick moves and you get the wrong number or letter. Lexus would benefit from adding another button (UGH!) and not using the joystick as the enter (or maybe the could stiffen up the springs that control the lateral motion). Now you are going to input the street and this is where is gets kind cool. After you input the first letter the system narrows down all the streets and displays a number of "hits" for the search. As you enter letters the number get lower and lower until it is down to a few and then you can select. IOW, you don’t have to enter all the street name to select that location. Unfortunately we inputted the location of the house we are building and it wasn't found. However, it appears we can go to that location and "mark" it and use that as our home location. We couldn't find our apartment complex that has been here for years by inputting the normal way. We did find it by putting the city in first and then the address. I am not sure if this is a software or a data problem, but it IS a problem.

One other thing I noted was about the sound and voice instructions. It might change when you are driving, but sitting there the system does not change the radio volume when the nav system is talking. So if you rely on the sounds either turn the radio down or risk missing a turn.

Other cool features are being able to put in your maintenance record (oil changes, tire rotations, etc etc etc).
Additionally the system will show the nearest police station, hospital, and dealership should you need that. However, when we looked at it the first one listed was not the nearest location. The first one was usually a few hundred miles away, then it listed them be closest location first. The dealership we were at was NOT the first dealership listed!

I bet there are some other cool features but we didn't play with them.

If you have any questions I can try to answer them.

Now if they could just work on the price of the trade and price of the 2002 we would be set.
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