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Navi Pix for next year

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Toyota sells this add-on NAV system in Japan starting around $1500. Lexus might use this on next year's IS300. The only problem with adding it to the current IS300 is that the system is double-din size.

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would it work on U.S. IS300 model? and how is the stereo sound compare to the stock head unit?
I am kind of reluctant to change the head unit, but if this unit have MD (very important for me), 6 disk CD changer, and NAV, and better than stock sound, I may go ahead and spend the money. I have already checkout a CD based NAV from Alpine, and with a Clifford Concept 400 and the labor, total comes out to be about $2800. So if this whole unit is around $3000, I may go ahead and buy it.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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